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Member administration (English)

Member administration (English)

Registering as a new member :
Registering a new member is done via an online registration form. The form can be found here on our website. (in Dutch)

Changing or unsubscribing :
Unsubscribing as a member, as well as communicating all changes (address, e-mail, bank details) related to membership, must be done in writing to the membership administration. Send an e-mail to [email protected] with the unsubscription and/or changes.

Trial training : (all ages)
It is possible, from (almost) 5 years and thereafter in all ages, to train for a trial period, after which you decide whether you want to become a member. To make use of this, we ask you to fill in this form. We will then contact you! 

And if you do not (yet) have football shoes, we can always arrange a pair of borrowed shoes! We have several sizes in stock, especially for starters !

Nobody offside!
If you want to play football at our association and wish to receive support in paying the contribution (and/or other schemes), our association has a financial contact person, in the person of Adrian Kouwenberg. He is available to all parents, members and volunteers to help and guide them (confidentially, of course) in applying for existing schemes in our municipality. He can be reached at the e-mail address [email protected] or 06-28350530.

Role of parents
The role of the parents of our youth members are hugely important. Apart from positively supporting and encouraging their child(ren) in playing football at our club, such as riding along to away matches, visiting training sessions and matches and washing the shirts, we as a club also depend on volunteers. These volunteers ensure that our association keeps running. We therefore also appeal to the parents of our youth members. If you can make a small contribution (as little as once a season), please let us know.

Membership fees










€ 181,00 

€ 181,00 

€ 95,00


€ 181,00 

€ 181,00 

€ 95.00

Women 30+

€ 109,00 

€ 109,00 

€ 59,00







€ 137,00 

€ 137,00

€ 73,00


€  118,00

€ 118,00 

€ 63,50


€   66,00  

€ 66,00 






Trainingsmember(incl. max. 8 matches)

€   99,00 




€   52,00

€  52,00


Entry fee

 €  12,00     

 € 12,00      


The 1st term expires on 28 October 2022
The 2nd term expires on 3 February 2023

The collection of RKVV Dommelen's membership fees will take place via a direct debit service. For those who do not pay via direct debit, €10.00 administration costs will be charged.

Oud member administration :
Monique van Herk
Haverbeemd 26
5551HV Dommelen
Mobiel 06-34582681
[email protected] 


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